Copy of Press

"A stunning avant-garde approach to a plea for nuclear disarmament...unique and dazzling." 

Entertainment Weekly


  "An abstract wonder and a literal nightmare: a dazzling view into the abyss." 

The New York Observer


 "Thrilling...The footage of blasts is, as you can imagine, absolutely top-notch. Some of it is so spectacular, so trippy, so ridiculous, I was convinced it was fake." 






"Scarier than any horror picture released in the past year, the bomb renders a hot-button controversy with terrible beauty and haunting audiovisual novelty." 



     "Mesmerizing, stunning, building to a powerful, touching conclusion that magically stopped the audience cold in its tracks." 

The Film Stage


"Keshari’s work is highly conceptual, stylized with music as a driving force. It takes left brain
concepts, with a right brain execution."

Under the Influence Magazine